Sunday, 26 October 2014

The dreamy world of semi-precious stones

Dear friends,
A very happy and peaceful Sunday I wish for all of you.
The more you get in touch with the potential healing with "stones", the happier, healthier and more and more peaceful you will become. I promise!

Please check out this link to the "Workings of semi precious stones." It will take you to a book which further enlarges on the healing powers of chrystals, minerals and other semi precious stones. More links will be provided when I have broken through to the 'linking business'. Being alone here on the farm prevents me from consulting any geeks for help. So I have worked myself through so far. I have several semi-precious stones for perseverance next to my laptop....
Here I would like to show you a part (medium sized for jewelry making)of the result of my years of collecting beautiful specimens, most of them of African origin.

Amethyst and clear Chrystal clusters - breathtaking piece
Oopsie poepsie what? Holy Cow!

Sometimes I can't help it! Making fun at everyone, including myself of course.
  Semi-precious stone Mandala, Turquoise, Jasper. Rose Quartz
CHAKRA Necklace
I very sincerely hope that you are 'tantalized' enough to come back to view other pieces from my workshop which are looking for the right person to be able to carry them off. They are bold and beautiful pieces of jewelry that will enhance almost any outfit and definitely 'conversation pieces'
 For today I once again leave you with your dreams and creative devices.