Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Beautiful specimen of Botswana Agate

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This resin like stone is found all over the world. The specific ones in my collection are of African origin. It is easy to call agates one of my favorite semi-precious stones. They appear in many brilliant colors and patterns. They are often banded in different colors in the same stone and some are so amazingly beautiful, that they seem to be a psychedelic image of  'je ne sais quois'


Elegant large Agate with necklace R 190

Blue Lace Agate, free form wire wrapping 


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AGATE, round HEMATITE and tube HEMATITE with bracelet

                                                  R 200/set

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More examples of colorful banded Agates:
(compliments google images)

And after all those colors, I could not resist this:

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