Sunday, 26 October 2014

The dreamy world of semi-precious stones

Dear friends,
A very happy and peaceful Sunday I wish for all of you.
The more you get in touch with the potential healing with "stones", the happier, healthier and more and more peaceful you will become. I promise!

Please check out this link to the "Workings of semi precious stones." It will take you to a book which further enlarges on the healing powers of chrystals, minerals and other semi precious stones. More links will be provided when I have broken through to the 'linking business'. Being alone here on the farm prevents me from consulting any geeks for help. So I have worked myself through so far. I have several semi-precious stones for perseverance next to my laptop....
Here I would like to show you a part (medium sized for jewelry making)of the result of my years of collecting beautiful specimens, most of them of African origin.

Amethyst and clear Chrystal clusters - breathtaking piece
Oopsie poepsie what? Holy Cow!

Sometimes I can't help it! Making fun at everyone, including myself of course.
  Semi-precious stone Mandala, Turquoise, Jasper. Rose Quartz
CHAKRA Necklace
I very sincerely hope that you are 'tantalized' enough to come back to view other pieces from my workshop which are looking for the right person to be able to carry them off. They are bold and beautiful pieces of jewelry that will enhance almost any outfit and definitely 'conversation pieces'
 For today I once again leave you with your dreams and creative devices.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Beautiful specimen of Botswana Agate

ZAR 110 (excl. shipping)

Payment method for all my deliveries: e-mail your details to, I'll send you an invoice and my bank account. Payment by EFT or other bank transfer. This is the safest way for online shopping. Delivery within 3 days. Giftwrapping and/or overseas delivery available. 
082 9245921

This resin like stone is found all over the world. The specific ones in my collection are of African origin. It is easy to call agates one of my favorite semi-precious stones. They appear in many brilliant colors and patterns. They are often banded in different colors in the same stone and some are so amazingly beautiful, that they seem to be a psychedelic image of  'je ne sais quois'


Elegant large Agate with necklace R 190

Blue Lace Agate, free form wire wrapping 


           order by email from  
                               082 9245921


AGATE, round HEMATITE and tube HEMATITE with bracelet

                                                  R 200/set

Order from  082 9245921

More examples of colorful banded Agates:
(compliments google images)

And after all those colors, I could not resist this:

Good bye for today, please be back for more!!
Friendly greetings and just to let you know:  
South Africa is heating up for Christmas.
Yours always, Barbara

Friday, 10 October 2014

SA semi-precious stones made into jewelry for sale

Hi, my dear friends.
I am sure you thought I had forsaken and forgotten you and s I build up my fresh design blog as fast as possible. There is still some refining to do like adding a "Pinterest" button, but that's minor.

I also rethought my subjects on blog posts and will write mostly about things I know a lot about. My experiences as a German in South Africa still count among them, but my pet interests are still healing, semi precious stones and how and why to use them, and I'll add some tutorials on hoe to make jewelry with these. (And please review the tutorial on how to make She Butter Cream on a previous post.)

I will start off with stones from A and that would be "AGATE".
Today I'll post some images of my own agates and on the next post will talk about their history, their places of origin, their lore and in which way they can improve your life, at least certain physical and psycholgical ailments.

Have you ever seen something as beautiful as the myriad of different colors and patterns of the AGATE fine stone? The layers clearly show what happened inside them to build them up over thousands of years. AGATE makes the most beautiful jewelry - and I will show you how.

I think you will enjoy this series very much. It is all about appreciating and using the amazing perfect beauty only nature can provide.

I will continue soon and send my best greetings and wishes from South Africa.

Please leave a comment on how you like the new look of the blog, and follow by e-mail, to not miss any parts of the course. I will publish once in two weeks only, so your e-mail inbox will not be swamped.