Tuesday, 3 September 2013

State President of South Africa

Good day, my dear friends.

Spring is here. The 1st of September is official spring day and to honour that important day, I would like to introduce our springy first citizen, in who's hands the fate of this beautiful country lies. While everything should be fun and games according to his happy personality as pictured below, it is not entirely achieved yet. Being state president of the most important country in Africa would maybe require a slightly more serious and dignified attitude....
Judge for yourselves and tell me if you know any other state president in the world who would laughingly get away with these antics. Dancing and singing... President Obama? The German Chancellor? Ban Ki Moon? The answer is most definitely NO!!

One thing you have to admit: South Africa is a real funnyAfrican country!

(images courtesy of google images)
Until next time for a closer look at the home country of my choice,
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