Thursday, 18 July 2013

Happy 95th birthday Tata Madiba!

Happy birthday, Madiba!

As a small tribute to our beloved ailing statesman, Nelson Mandela, here is a photo of little old yours truly and son against a giant statue of Madiba. The bronze statue was erected on Naval Hill in Bloemfontein and is 9m high, one can see it almost from every angle in the town. Let me use this photo to express my very sincerest wish for his recovery and may he walk tall like this again!!


Since 30 years on African farms I got used to live with the flow of nature. Rising with the chicken and halting activities at sundown. Therefor I guess I am directly affected by the winter each year and wish I was a bear, my kidney function would shut off and I could hibernate until spring. My blog posts, which are -I am sorry- few at the moment are the proof of the pudding.

In February this year a massive commission went out to all the sculptors of South Africa and I'm sure to neighbouring countries artist as well, to produce almost 50 life size or over life sized bronze statues of several generations of freedom fighters for a National Heritage project. It is aptly called "Long walk to freedom". Not all of them were doing it for the ANC, but for their own personal courageous reasons and convictions. 24 of these are completed and are part of an incredibly impressive, almost frightening exhibition in the gardens of the local Art Museum, the Oliewenhuis. I went to take photographs and am now putting together material about the individuals and their causes. So this will be the subject of my next post for all of you out there interested in the big picture.

Wherever you may be, enjoy your lives!

Wintery greetings from the African continent,


My dear sister who is always ready to join, embarking on her own walk to freedom with a friend.................