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KIKOYS from Tanzania

Before I launch into a brief history of the hows and whys and how manys of the South
African population in my next post, I would like to introduce one of the true gems of fashion

accessories made in Africa:                THE KIKOY


The kikoy was worn since centuries by the peoples on the East African shorelines. They are 100% cotton woven cloths measuring 170x90 cm, fitting woman, children and men. Originally they were woven in national flag primary colours and are either plain with stripes on the edges, or with thin stripes throughout with a hand knotted fringe. Kikoys are today sought after by the fashionistas of the whole world, Madonna, Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Harry are only a few ot them. Since the discovery of the almost magic piece of fabric +-10 years ago, they are also woven in beautiful pastel colors. Many women in Africa make a living out of working on and fringing the kikoys. 
I am so in love with my kikoys!

                                        Some of my friends kindly agreed to model for this site.
Here I list only some of the "modern" ways in which one can use a kikoy, and you will see that it is an absolutely must have item which brings African sunshine into your life and your home, your holidays and your highly fashionable sarong-wrap-scarves-decor style accessories.

  1. Easy wear flattering sarong for all shapes and sizes
  2. Great for the guys too! The cotton is robust and strong
  3. Light and absorbent beach towel
  4. After a busy day; step into a Kikoy and relax
  5. Sun wrap to shade your shoulders in the car
  6. Warm pashmina wrap for the shoulders when the cool weather strikes
  7. Stylish scarf for the cooler night
  8. Tablecloth to brighten your day
  9. Desert wrap for easy wear bush camping
  10. Handy addition to the picnic basket
  11. On a balmy night, lay back on the kikoy and count the stars in the inky blue sky
  12. Beautiful, colourful throw for the lounge and bedroom
  13. Alfresco tablecloth in the garden
  14. Snug as a bug in a rug. Wrap the babies in the cotton soft Kikoy
  15. Children’s Beach Towel is a great gift for a new MUM.
  16. Ideal size as a colourful cover in the pram
  17. Perfect as a play mat and handy change mat in the babies bag
  18. “Dress ups” for the little kids
  19. Travel the seven seas with the perfect accompaniment – a couple of kikoys
  20. Gift a Kikoy to friends or family travelling overseas. It will be the best item in their luggage
  21. Don’t forget to pack a Kikoy in your cabin luggage. Wrap around your shoulders when the cabin air cools. If your luggage goes missing, you have a versatile Kikoy to rely on!
  22. Wrap your baby or puppy around you, or make a hammock for them
  23. Wear it as a headdress (turban)
For many more ways to use or wear a kikoy, please see my pin board at
Travel tips from “The Sunday Times”

“Best and most versatile item of clothing for men or women is a dark coloured sarong and a couple of big safety pins. It will make a skirt, dress, top, pants, a beach or bath towel, or an extra bag. You can sleep in it too. Use it as a sheet to keep out mossies, cover a pillow or privacy screen to pin around a bunk bed. You can change clothes under it or cover up to enter temples. And it can also provide a bit of shade when tied to a tree. It is easy to wash and quick to dry and takes up no space at all.”

Jen Heal, “The Sunday Times” January 6 2008
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