Monday, 11 February 2013


30 Years in Africa

 A kaleidoscope of experiences, collection of African stories, recipes, traditions, art and integration issues from Germany.

 This is a personal blog, welcoming everybody who might stumble upon it. It may give you a new view of especially South Africa. However, I will every once in a while offer locally made products which I find especially African, beautiful and useful, for sale through my company


This small enterprise resulted out of 12 years of training unemployed black rural women in crafts, under the auspicious  auspices of the SA government and lasted from under PW Botha and FW de Klerk through to the time of president ship of Tata Nelson Mandela.
 The talent of these women in creating amazing and artful pieces of handwork led me into further research of African Traditions.

Some of the results of this uniquely colourful and bright “folklore” of an exotic, mysterious, adventurous and sometimes frightening continent, I would like to bring to your attention with this blog.

Facts of modern life in South Africa that might even surprise the ones who keep an interested eye on the lands South of the equator, will also get their due mention.

You are invited to a journey through my wildest dreams!!!!