Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My African jewellery on ww.etsy.com

                                       Hello, dear friends.

As I am getting on in life and have to settle for calmer pursuits, I started to fall back on my crafting days and embarked on a new Africa loving venture.
Taking as my inspiration the vivid colors, the bold patterns and the cheerfulness of the local people, as well as their traditions in making and wearing body adornments, I created a few pieces of "African" jewelry myself. People liked what they saw and I really and to me almost unbelievably got some orders. Being encouraged, I opened my own shop on www.etsy.com and would like you to have the opportunity to view my humble creations on my own blog platform as well.
My link to this shop in, what I call a respected global shopping mall for handcrafted items, the mall of Etsy is:


Some of the products on my 'shelves' I herewith present to you and would really appreciate your feedback in any good old way.

......inspired by vibrant colours and patterns of ZULU tribes

In a short while there will be porcupine quill jewelry in my etsy shop!
Poor thing got under a car at the main road. This picture shows the 1st cleaning in process.

 mother of pearl, amazonite, aventurine, wood, free form wire        
                    wrapping technique, silver plated lizzard.

melted glass work by my sister Silja Horne

Please, my dear friends, be so kind as to share the link to my shop with your friends and families.

Thank you for giving me your time once again,
if you are north of the equator keep cool, otherwise keep nice and warm......

               Tanzanian Kikoys available in many sunshine colors
               170 x 90 cm, 100% cotton, hand fringed, multipurpose