Friday, 14 February 2014

Semi precious jewellery


I consider myself very lucky in life to forever feel the urge to exploit new venture. My love for the African earth led to the love for stones. That might sound daft, but once one finds out about the history in healing and 'body decoration' that semi precious stones played over the centuries in all parts of the world and looks a bit closer at their magnificent beauty of colours and consistency, one cannot be but smitten.

Some time ago I started collecting "stones" and researched their stories. This was actually inspired by my sister, who lives in Berlin and hardly has any room for herself and her husband in their dwellings between her MASSIVE collection of semi precious stones and his pianos. Her knowledge in this field is amazing.

Researching the stones led to frantic activities on my part. I started making jewellery, also personalised items to support treatment of special physical or psychological ailments.

If you are interested to take a look at some samples, please open the following link to a youtube video:

Goodbye for today and enjoy,