Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

Good day my dear friends,
mea culpa! I am guilty!

Although I really love to maintain my blog written from a German immigrant's view of her new home country -South Africa- for far away friends, and especially those who think there is no Christmas celebrated on this continent, while the lions roam the streets of the cities, and to share texts and images that might add some new insights and information for friends in the world, life has thrown me a private curve ball to be sorted out the last months and I neglected you shamefully. Or blame it on the killer heat, that takes out everybody's mojo and makes you lazy and hazy (Today 37C).
This blog is read from all over the global show, USA, China, Australia. So, please don't become strangers.
There seems to be a great renewed over sea's interest in Africa these days; rightly so, because this a continent where miracles and magic are still the order of the day. And of course Tata Madiba's joining of his ancestors makes news worldwide. As you know, I am politically not especially inclined, but I take a keen interest. So on that front, you will like always rely on the international professional press and hopefully on me for the more beautiful aspects ( animals, people, landscapes, history, arts and crafts and insider events).
As you might remember, there is a little "curio shop" integrated in this blog, which will from soon on also offer handcrafted (by me) jewellery made from semi precious African and other stones. Watch this space!! 

This blogpost serves as a life sign from me. (Further posts to follow.) And new life it is getting, last not least because of a very generous present of 2 former school friends, who after more than 40 years found me on the internet here, kind of struggling through the bush. I AM SO GRATEFUL I CANNOT EXPRESS IT ACCORDINGLY.

Hurrah for Martin and Michael in Germany!!!
This is their (and mine) incredible story in pictures:


   3 hours later at my home
Until our next chat about life in South Africa, which will be images of an exhibition of life size bronze - statues at the Oliewenhuis Museum of FREEDOMFIGHTERS on horses, on bycicles, with spears, rifles and bibles, loin cloths, bone jewellery and leopard skin. Nelson Mandela was the very last of these generations of brave people and a post to honour them seems appropriate.
Greetings and Joy,