Friday, 29 March 2013

Farmers Market 13.3.2013

Good Friday, my friends,

I must confess that I did not find the flow to my blog yet. The subject is just too diverse. I have tried to NOT read too many other blogs yet to keep mine original and fresh. What actually happened is, that I am kind of bored by my blog myself and to bore you people was the last thing on my mind when I started. Yes, the unpleasant history and politics had to be mentioned, but I think you all got the picture and we can safely let the differences between the settlers rest. Dutch are Dutch and British are British and as such they made their way to South Africa and through the last +-300 years.
What we have to deal with and try to enjoy is what everybody involved made out of this continent and country: A Rainbow Nation. In everyday life members of the -oh so - different communities live side by side. I can demonstrate this with a couple of photos which I took last Saturday on the weekly boeremark (farmer's market). This is a well established event with hundreds of stalls and from fruit and vegetables, honey and bread, fresh farm eggs, plants and fresh flowers, cheese, nuts, dried fruit and, a wide and interesting variety of crafts, inventions and antiques are on offer.

These first antique items are NOT coffee cups but seem to have arrived on the ox waggons and had the purpose of pots de chambre, brought in by the french Huguenots of looong ago. They peacefully co-exist stall to stall with handmade boere knives and Japanese toy guns.


Some English folks try their hands at wall decorations 
Fusion between Tuscan and Freestate Art

The Chinese definately have the longest asparagus!!

The Rainbow Nation peacefully sharing exhibition space
Baskets from Swaziland
Hats from Nigeria

A real good old Boere Tannie

...and a colourful display by a lady from Malawi
NO boeremark without Braaivleis
And a variety of other products on offer:
Tiger eye spheres
With this post I wanted to demonstrate that after 30 years in Africa I have not lost my eye for the pretty things. South Africa abounds with beauty. Fabrics, Arts, Crafts, Landscapes, Peoples, Architecture, Colours and blue skies, 2 oceans and still abundant wildlife, incredible Flora and positive minds and humour.

Aren't they too cute!?
Coloureds with their jams make it a family outing
The bookstall isalways good for a bargain
The next post will be dedicated to the very unique African cuisine, which is very different from the pictures above and below!!)
(only joking but acknowledging the African history once again).
Happy Easter eggs,
Kind regards,