Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello friends,

Lately, with the worsening of the power outages and the predictions of 3 more years of the same, I realized once again that to sit and worry and even moan out loud about problems does not help! 

I got motivated (by hours and hours of not being able to use electricity for 'work and play' to see what is out there that can be done: Petrol driven generators (expensive to maintain), gas appliances (expensive to maintain), batteries (very expensive) wood fire (ecologically wrong), wind power (not available). Then I had my big AHA! Solar Energy!! I found out that everybody (incl. myself) thought this to be a very expensive installation on roofs. But then, here and there, slowly but surely, I found that some clever businesses were already manufacturing small, affordable solar household appliances. Even from as little as R100 solar gadgets for smaller wallets and needs became increasingly available for households and businesses. Right now the most amazing little solutions for major problems are available: torches, lanterns, homework lights, cookers, security lighting, radios, cellphone chargers (!!), decorative light strings, fans, water heaters and even solar powered candles, if somebody really can't do without them.
All these little wonders of technology have one thing in common: You buy them at a reasonably low price and then you don't need to spend any more money on candles, paraffin, petrol, gas and even matches. And you reduce your ecological footprint at the same time. And this is not even too good to be true.

Consequentially to my quest for solutions I took over an agency for small solar household appliances. And I took upon me to try and inform and educate other people in my boat.


is offering a selection of the family's little helpers in times of power outage from this dedicated new site, including lots of information and snippets on 'what's what' and 'who's who' and 'how does it work?' in the solar energy buzz. 

Solar Lantern, 8 hrs.charging in the sun, 20 hrs. of light, built in second light (for another room maybe), remaining power level indicator, radio, various adapters for cellphone charging, USB cable to keep PC going for some time or to load from the conventional grid. MAGIC!!
please see for prices and ordering details. The above combo solution is around R 500 only!Made in Canada, designed in England, and happy birthday to the Queen too.

Life is better in the light

With 356 days of sunshine in South Africa this 'free energy' makes so much sense that it should practically jump into anybody's face. A small change of attitude is happening, but most people still think Solar Power is for the rich, for large business buildings, and therefor out of reach. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE ANYMORE. When I'm in the middle of a not to be put down book and the lights go out, I now switch on my solar reading lamp, with built in radio cellphone charger, and carry on regardless. You can too,

Lots of super sunny greetings,